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Fw: Mach, a but choise ?

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but what better place than
the one where the creators are, so I've been following the development of
The Hurd for a while now, and read as much about the subject as I've been
able to find on the Web. From what I 'd read so far I concluded that Mach
was I wonderful idea to base an OS on, despite opinions (like Linus,s saying
it was idealistic and very slow). The best article I 've read is Doctor
Dobb's site insightful explanation of the system, ... just to know that RMS
himself had admited basing Hurd on the Mach microkernel was a mistake. Did
he mean, the mistake being the time they lost waiting for the release of
Mach to free software or was he speaking about Mach being a "technical
mistake" ?

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