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OpenLDAP patch

Hi, I just happen to have some time between assignments and exams, and
so I finished my work on OpenLDAP. The patch is attached and you can
also find it on my new site http://multiverse.twu.net/.

Just put the patch into the debian/patches directory, the only glitch
is that you have to regenerate the configure script with autoconf.

A couple of notes. OpenLDAP includes support for CThreads however it
looks for the header in <mach/cthreads.h> while gnumach puts it in 
<cthreads.h>. Shouldn't we follow the general Mach convention and put
it in <mach/cthreads.h> too? Also, is it usually necessary to free
dynamically allocated memory right before an exit() statement? On UNIX I'd
say no, but apparently OpenLDAP should also work on Windows, whose memory
management is notoriously poor.


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