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Keyboard bug and cross-compilation

Hi! I stumbled on a (hopefully silly) keyboard bug...

If I press leftshift-grPgUp in the Hurd then every time I press or
release any of the shift, alt or control keys, or the CapsLock or
NumLock keys I get the following message:

  kd_setleds1: unexpected state(1)

I'm using gnumach_1.2-7 and hurd_20000803; I'm guessing that the fact
that my hurd package is slightly old doesn't matter, as this message
comes from the file i386/i386at/kd.c in gnumach.

Running "showkey" under Linux reports that the code for leftshift is
42 and the one for grPgUp is 104 (both in decimal).

Is there any workaround for this?

Another question: I would like to try to recompile gnumach with more
"printf"s and hunt the bug myself a little, just for fun; can someone
just help me to do the cross-compilation in a more elegant way? The
following works from Linux, and gives me a file
/usr/src/gnumach-1.2/debian/tmp/boot/gnumach.gz that can be put in the
grub directory and used instead of the standard gnumach.tgz ("|&" is a
zshism corresponding to bash's "2>&1 |"):

  rm -Rv /usr/src/gnumach-1.2/
  dpkg-source -sn -x $SDEBIAN/dists/woody/main/source/base/gnumach_1.2-7.dsc
  cd /usr/src/gnumach-1.2/

  MIG=i386-gnu-mig CC=i386-gnu-gcc \
    ./configure --enable-floppy --enable-ide --enable-ne2000 \
      i386-pc-gnu --prefix=/gnu \
    |& tee oc

  make |& tee om

  mkdir -p debian/tmp
  (pfx=`cd debian/tmp && pwd` \
    && make install-kernel prefix=$pfx \
  ) |& tee om2

  strip --strip-all	debian/tmp/boot/gnumach
  gzip -9fq		debian/tmp/boot/gnumach

I've heard that there's a way of calling dpkg-buildpackage that will
do all that, without we having to squeeze the right commands out of
the debian/rules. Can some give me the exact command?

  Cheers and thanks in advance,
    Eduardo Ochs

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