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Re: libnss-2 problems?

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 01:46:27PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> was heard to say:
> Am Don, 02 Nov 2000 03:51:35 schrieb Daniel Burrows:
> >   There were a lot of dependency issues when I installed (I used
> cross-install)
> > which I assume are just transient things in the archive (eg, the debconf
> thing
> > that will hopefully be fixed soon)  I got one assertion failure in dpkg
> > (1.6.999, "depentry<=4") when installing apt, but forcing depends fixed
> > that.
> dpkg 1.6.999 has several bugs and is highly experimental. It's coming
> straight from CVS, so go figure. debconf will be uploaded tonight or earlier.

  I see.  No real problem anyway.

  One other dependency issue: I can't use apt right now because it wants to
remove libstdc++2.10-dev.  It seems that while the library package has a
correct dependency, the development package depends on "libc6 (>=2.95.1)"..
both apt and dselect are annoyed about this, but dselect is easier to fake

> >   Anyway, the specific thing I'm wondering about is whether something is
> > weird with libnss and maybe some other stuff.  When I run many programs
> (such
> > as apt), I get fatal errors about "failure to dlopen libnss2" (or something
> > to that effect, I'll post a more concrete message from the Hurd system if
> more
> > specific information is needed)
> Have you installed libnss-db? It is required by glibc, I think.


> But it seems to be broken anyway. As a work around, remove the db
> entries in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

  Ah, I see.  That fixed it.  Thanks!

> >   Also, how does uploading a package for the Hurd work?  Am I correct in
> > guessing that I can just build it and upload it as usual, or is something
> > tricky necessary?  (eg, setting the distribution to "sid")  I'd like to
> upload
> > Hurd versions of as many of my packages as possible (aptitude in particular;
> > the others are mostly games and I don't know whether the necessary
> > infrastructure (ggi, svgalib, sdl, mikmod) exists on the Hurd..)
> You are a Debian maintainer, you can upload. As soon as more people
> start uploading, we might organize this a bit, so we don't work on the
> same packages. Everything not part of the base or core tool chain is
> fair game for everyone. aptitude did not build out of the box
> (my local autobuilder tried,maybe a library dev package was not installed).

  Ok.  I just uploaded Hurd compiles of aptitude and lftp.  aptitude will
compile out of the box in the next source upload (this was binary-only) --
I forgot to conditionalize one "#include <pthread.h>".  (I also will really
set up build-depends..)  lftp compiled very nicely; I figured an upload was
overdue since the old version in the Hurd archives lacked most functionality (it
could only print "Segmentation Fault" :-) )

> svgalib is dummy only. You might want to port it. svgatextmode was ported,
> and X was, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out.


> >   umm..what else..oh: Has anyone tried to build libsigc++ on the Hurd?  The
> > next major aptitude version will be heavily dependent on it, and I'd like to
> > be able to compile on the Hurd if possible.
> You will get the first chance :)

  Ah, thanks :)

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