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RE: Failing dependencies

> > - One small, but (to me) annoying thing - ls --color works 
> >   fine, so I know that the mach terminal supports colours,
> >   but when I turn syntax highlighting on in vim, it's monochrome.
> >   Is there a way I can change this?
> I don't know. The correct terminal name is "mach-color", and 
> that defines the capabilities correctly. If vim is not smart
> enough to check the actual capabilities, but just switch on the
> terminal name, it might not know that mach-color can color. Check
> the vim source(?). Maybe vim is not using ncurses correctly. ncurses
> is not broken AFAICT.

Marcus, I'll take a look at this.  I haven't rebuilt Vim in a long
time, and it may be that it did not configure with color because
it was not available at the time.

I use VIM over a telnet session, which produces color fine because
XTERM is known to have color.

I'll fire up my Hurd monitor and see if I can correct the problem.



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