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Re: Devel beginner

On Sat, Oct 28, 2000 at 05:56:49PM +0200, Ondøej Hurt wrote:
> I am new to Hurd. I want to develop for it but I must learn first.
> What would you recommend a beginner to read and in what order ?

You already found the Hurd reference manual and the mach papers (did you
find Mach Server Writer and mach Kernel Principles?) 

> I am still not able to write a native Hurd program (=mach/libmom calls &
> IPC with servers). I could write something using libc/POSIX but these are 
> just interfaces to real system which I want to learn. Where
> could I get sources of libc ? Or another sources ? I have not found
> any sources at the debian.org ftp.

The sources are in debian/dists/unstable/main/source. The upstream sources
are at several places, check debian/doc/package/copyright (for example,
www.gnu.org/software/devel for the hurd and gnumach).

> Another question - how are device drivers implemented under Hurd ?

They are implemented in mach (see /include/device, and gnumach source).

> Servers running in user mode ?

See the libtrivfs, libdiskfs libraries, and all helper libs of course.
Examples are in the Hurd source in the trans/ directory and in ext2fs/,
isofs/, ufs/.

> Or kernel modules ?

That's the other OS :)

> Last question - if any user can write any server, why could I not
> write a filesystem server that ignores rights and is able to access
> all files ?

The "auth" server is responsible for authentification. A users server can
not circumvent the systems authentification, but a user could provide their
own auth server to "subdivide" their own processes in different "classes".
However, this wouldn't affect the authentification server of the main
system, which would still be used by the system servers running as root.


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