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Devel beginner

I am new to Hurd. I want to develop for it but I must learn first.
What would you recommend a beginner to read and in what order ?

I read "The hurd reference manual" a bit but it did not make
much sense to me. I have also studied a few mach papers (manual,
threads,machsys,machuse). I understood "reference manual" a bit better then but
I am still not able to write a native Hurd program (=mach/libmom calls &
IPC with servers). I could write something using libc/POSIX but these are
just interfaces to real system which I want to learn. Where
could I get sources of libc ? Or another sources ? I have not found
any sources at the debian.org ftp.

Another question - how are device drivers implemented under Hurd ?
Servers running in user mode ? Or kernel modules ? Or what ?

Last question - if any user can write any server, why could I not
write a filesystem server that ignores rights and is able to access
all files ?

Ondrej Hurt       ... or Hur*d*?  :-)

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