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Re: Looking for a project

On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 10:19:40PM -0600, Chris Silva wrote:
> > Personally, I'd also welcome the port of some FreeBSD features to the 
> > way too Linux-centric Debian Hurd distribution. I'm thinking here of 
> > FreeBSD's excellent /usr/ports system, but probably also of its release 
> > management structure and even maybe its libc. 
> >  
> I to agree with you. This sounds like fun!

But hasn't anything to do with the Hurd in particular, of course.
Any work on this must be Debian-all... (not that I agree with the need for
this). BTW, there is also debian-bsd, so...

> I'd love to help out with this! Is some of this work done being
> done all ready with The Turtle Autobuilder?

No, not really. (Or yes, depends on how you look at it).


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