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Re: Any ideas about apt-get failing?

Marc Singer <elf@buici.com> writes:

> My system installed OK.  I can ftp using the ftp client.  apt-get
> hangs while attempting to download from the package server.  I've
> pointed it at ftp and http servers.  I've configured it to use my
> local mirror and separately the US site.  No dice.

I have had some problems with net hangs... no problem solely related
tp apt though...

> Also, it takes a long time for the first packets to get through after
> then machine boots.  I've tested this using 
>   ping -c 1
> and found that it takes several seconds, ten or so, before the first
> successful ICMP packet returns.  Many fail before one succeeds.

Yes, well, I think that that is expected and normal: the translator
that deals with the net is a passice one, i.e. stays dorment until
awaken for a firts time... that's why it takes longer in first
connection (after that one it always works immediatly). Please note
that the technical explanation is prolly different in words and
correctness of terms, but this is pretty much how it goes.



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