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Re: Ask Slashdot: HURD For 'Big Iron'?

Marcus Brinkmann writes:

> Cliff-whoever-he-is should never have posted this question, as it is
> downright silly and the quick answer is more than obvious, and the long
> answer is not to be found out by the bunch of slashdotters. Slashdot is
> very bad at researching the background of the stuff they post.
> Thanks anyway for the heads up, but I think it should be said that the
> comments are not really worth reading.

There are a few decent myth-dispellers, which don't have anything to do
with Big Iron. There are some `HURD might be cool, but it's not
buzzword-compliant' posts.
There are a lot of `HURD? what's that?' responses, and, of course, `HURD is
dead and/or unnecessary' and `RMS is a lunatic'.
The comments addressing the idea of `free unix on Big Iron' pretty much all
say, `just fork Linux or use NetBSD'.
I saw *one* post that actually said something with a remote chance of being
meaningful with regard to both HURD and Big Iron: `microkernels are good on
Big Iron'.

So, there's the summary; you're right--they're not worth reading;)

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