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Re: Slow network, apt-get failing

Marc Singer <elf@buici.com> writes:

>   1) I use a Belkin, four port switch box to talk to my different
>      machines.  Switching can be done from a button on the front of
>      the device, or by quickly pressing  and releasing Ctrl-Alt-Shift
>      and the pressing one of the number keys 1-4 to change to that
>      CPU.  For some reason, I cannot switch away from the hurd
>      console.

I assume that the box is a bit of hardware that sits between your
keyboard/screen/... and your machine(s). The way it does the keyboard
switching is probably by intercepting scancodes from the keyboard. But
how can the hurd prevent this?

Perhaps the switchbox is dependent on some machine->kbd communication
that the hurd does differently. Does it work when no machine is
connected? When a machine is connected that is powered on, but
crashed? While booting?

I'd probably try to contact the manufacturer of the switchbox, they
should know best.

>      Moreover, I am greeted with a message about an
>      unexpected key state when pressing the shift key after I've
>      attempted to switch.

That happens in vmware too. It's harmless AFAIC determine.

>      I cannot use apt-get using a repository on the gateway. The
>      error I get is either
>        Socket Expection [sic]
>      or it hangs while connecting to the host.  ^C does will terminate
>      apt-get, though sometimes not immediately.

Are you using a http or ftp source?


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