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Re: mach's eatadma driver hangs on my box

Steve Bowman <sbowman@frostwork.net> writes:

> There seem to be a few driver conflicts in the default build.  IMHO,
> the best thing is to build your own rather than start disabling things
> since someone else may need it to get started.

Sure - I already built a minimal kernel. But IMHO there should be
pre-built kernels for (almost) all configurations. Its clear that one
kernel won't cut it (there are no modules, are there?). The current
deb already has a couple of ncr drivers disabled. I just wanted to
provide a datapoint - if more people reported that eatadma was a
problem for them, it should also be disabled per default, with
alternative kernels providing bootstrap support for those needing the
dangerous drivers.

The most obvious first cut is probably to have a ide version without
any scsi drivers.

> I'm a relative newcomer to hurd, but there was a lot of list traffic
> on this topic a month ago or so.  from what I gathered, most ppl are
> building gnumach on linux.

Thanks, I just thought it was no longer supported, because
"debian/rules build" did not work out-of-the-box.


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