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Re: installing HURD debs from Linux?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 12:11:40AM -0500, Daniel E . Baumann wrote:
> > You making this too hard trying to cross install.  Use Linux PPP or
> > network or whatever to get the debs, drop them in the hurd partition
> > if your linux partition is too big to mount, then boot hurd and install
> > them natively.
> I realize that is the only way that I can do it. I just didn't want to
> hassle with looking through the folders on the debian site. I guess I'll have
> to live with it.

ACK.  Now I see what you're trying to do.  My eyes must have
glazed over....

Maybe there's a way to tell apt to use a different cache/admindir etc.,
a different arch, and just do download only.  I know there's a way to use
a different admindir since boot-floppies uses it and I know you can tell
it to download only.  So the question is, can you tell it, from linux,
to use hurd-i386 arch when looking at the mirrors?  Maybe you can ask
on one of the other lists (I'm sure Joey could tell you).

Good luck,

Steve Bowman  <sbowman@frostwork.net> (preferred)
Buckeye, AZ   <sbowman@goodnet.com> <bowmanc@acm.org>

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