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Re: installing HURD debs from Linux?

> I do not think that I understand your problem: the download is from
> GNU/Linux after which the install unpacks each deb in turn.  When you
> reboot, net support is not necessary to finish the install.
> BTW, there is no pcmcia support in GNUMach;  Thomas was working on it
> a while ago and stopped when he did not need it (feel free to correct me
> on this).

I want to cross intall debian packages using apt or dselect under Linux (if
possible) since  I am SOL about having internet access under the HURD
(Although if I port PPP I can use my external U.S. robotics modem). I know
that GNUMach does not support pcmcia that was my point.

I installed from the tar ball. There are still other packages that I would
like to get and install.

Should the cross-install script work this way? hmmm...maybe I'll just give
it a look. I probably will just have to install the debs by hand, oh

As you can tell I'm clueless about apt and dselect (although I have been
using Debian for a while now, and I love it). Well not totally clueless, I
do know how to use them.

Does the pcmcia stuff still exist? This might be another thing that
I can work on.

Ah hell, forget what I said about cross installing using dpkg, apt that would
never work, would it?

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