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Re: First Boot


Neal H Walfield schrieb:
> > I met somebody on IRC yesterday night, who pointed me to some
> > posts about pflocal eating up all memory when using some curses
> > program (or something along these lines, anyway ...). This
> > pretty much fit's how my machine died.
> Make sure that you have swap.

A I wrote earlier on this list I have 128M RAM and 208M swap. Do
I need more?

It seems that I'm doin' something fundamentally wrong when
installing, since apt still bombs out when building its package
lists and gcc returns an error when autoconf tries to figure out
wether it's installed right. In short, my HURD installs (yes, I
made several) are completely broken.

I won't have time to figure out what I'm doing wrong before the
weekend, but then I'm going to look at all the install guides

ciao, 2ri
The computer revolution is over. The computers won.

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