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Re: First Boot

jc schrieb:
> aye! seems I am wrong.. In the mean time I got it
> working on a different system(only one ide drive).. Oh
> man that is funny, haha.

I espetially like that console-tools isn't ported yet, know I
know the american keyboard better than many americans ... (mine
is labeled as swiss-german).

Can I do anything to get console-tools working with the hurd? I
don't know C, but perl and debian packages (I'm only waiting for
the DAM contact, then I'm a maintainer).

> I am running dselect as I type.. How did you mess your
> system up? Oh well..

I met somebody on IRC yesterday night, who pointed me to some
posts about pflocal eating up all memory when using some curses
program (or something along these lines, anyway ...). This
pretty much fit's how my machine died.

The next install is already through, need only to reboot and run
native-install to do another hurd session ...

ciao, 2ri
"I'm not going to ride on a magic carpet! I'm afraid of grounds!"
"You mean heights, and stop being silly!"
"I know what I mean! It's the grounds that kill you!"
                --Terry Pratchet, "Sourcery"

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