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Re: Trying to compile

> Ok, so these are the glibc functions that can handle arvitrary sized
> arrays... actually I'be been looking at Igor's patch to see if I can do the
> same to epic... but I'm afraid that even such a small task is hard for me to
> do (yes, I know, I'm a lousy coder); nevertheless I will try do do something
> along those lines.
> Just for the record, is the correct way of dealing with the thousands of
> packages that have MAXPATHLEN (and PATHMAX et al.) issues is to change the
> code of every single one of them so that they can use the asprintf and
> alloca, etc? I know that it will make the code better and cleaner, but it
> seams like a huge job to be done... anyway, I'll give it a shot, thanks for
> the tip.

Yes and no.  Yes, this is the correct way to fix them.  No, you do not
have to do it; write up a bug report on the package.

> BTW, I am thinking of taking an example from epic that used MAXPATHLEN and
> post it here with my change to it... that way you could tell me if I'm doing
> things the Right Way (dunno if this is the correct mailing list, if it isn't
> please tell me, i.e. is it better to go to bug-hurd?).

As this is debian related (and not hurd/gnumach), it belongs on


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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