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Re: Trying to compile

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From: "Neal H Walfield" <neal@cs.uml.edu>
To: "Frederico S. Muñoz" <frederico.munoz@capgemini.pt>
Cc: "Brent Fulgham" <brent.fulgham@xpsystems.com>;
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2000 2:38 PM
Subject: Re: Trying to compile

> > Well, I was happy to see it work, but there must be a real solution
> > since we are on a private mailing list I will share my shameful hack: I
> > changed every ocurrence of MAXPATHLEN with 30!!!!)
> Use alloca and asprintf to overcome MAXPATHLEN issues.

Ok, so these are the glibc functions that can handle arvitrary sized
arrays... actually I'be been looking at Igor's patch to see if I can do the
same to epic... but I'm afraid that even such a small task is hard for me to
do (yes, I know, I'm a lousy coder); nevertheless I will try do do something
along those lines.

Just for the record, is the correct way of dealing with the thousands of
packages that have MAXPATHLEN (and PATHMAX et al.) issues is to change the
code of every single one of them so that they can use the asprintf and
alloca, etc? I know that it will make the code better and cleaner, but it
seams like a huge job to be done... anyway, I'll give it a shot, thanks for
the tip.

BTW, I am thinking of taking an example from epic that used MAXPATHLEN and
post it here with my change to it... that way you could tell me if I'm doing
things the Right Way (dunno if this is the correct mailing list, if it isn't
please tell me, i.e. is it better to go to bug-hurd?).

best regards,

Frederico S. Muñoz

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