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Re: GNU/Hurd on vmware

>>>>> "Ramakrishnan" == Ramakrishnan M <rkrishnan@ti.com> writes:

    Ramakrishnan> It will be excellent if GNU/Hurd can be installed on
    Ramakrishnan> vmware.  Had anyone tried this?  If so, what are the
    Ramakrishnan> steps?

You can download the VMware virtual disk, along with a few other
files, from ftp://melkor.dnp.fmph.uniba.sk/pub/incoming.  The files to
get are 


hurd.dsk is about 150 MB, so beware!

Here's what to do with the files:

* mkdir vmware-hurd

* cd vmware-hurd

* vmware hurd.cfg

Start VMware's configuration editor, and change the following things:

* the full name of the hurd.dsk file (this is ide0:0)

* the full name of the swap.dsk file (this is ide0:1); you'll need to
  click the "create" button to create this file

* the full name of the grub image (this is floppy0)

Then boot the thing and you should be up and running!  The root
password is empty, by the way.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually followed the above steps; instead, I
merely wrote them off the top of my head.  Therefore there may be the
usual subtle gotchas.  But I expect them to work.  Radovan or I can
probably help you through any rough spots.

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