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Re: GNU/Hurd on vmware

On Mon, 09 Oct 2000, Ramakrishnan M wrote:
> Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
> > 
> >         http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd-0009/msg00443.html
> Thanks for the wonderful post. It was very much informative. But in my case, I
> am going to install vmware on Windows. So does that mean, I have to first
> install GNU/Linux on vmware first and then try installing GNU/Hurd? I have
> never(don't want) used vmware before because is is not a free software (My home
> machine runs totaly on free software) and thus don't really know how things are
> done using that. 
AFAIK vmware is available for Linux and for Windows 2000. 
You can get a demo version with certain linux releases (SuSE), but I do not
know if it is time limited. I tried asking, nobody answered... waiting,waiting...

So for windows you have to start with win2000. If you don't have this at work
you are stuffed.

Vmware lets you run OSes inside itself as a very thin host OS, so you have
windows nt, 98, linux, *bsd, running at the same time. I have read a report
which says that it crawls unless you have lots of memory (256M fine, 128M dodgy)

It allows you to create virtual HD partitions which it takes care of itself,
with an existing partition, win drive, unix mount point or whatever. It is into
these that you install your guest OSes. 

My suspicion is, you install Hurd on its own Virtual HD in vmware, but not
_within_ linux in vmware if you get my drift. In that sense you do not need
linux, However you _would_ need some sort of unix in order to download and
compile any hurd bits N pieces you need to run. And Grub of course. I guess.

for myself, would love to see an Open Source virtual machine operating system
(OSVMOS? OSVOS? OVMOS? OVOS!!!!) which would just map all the devices, take care
of partitioning, and then timeslice among all the guest OSes as you run. Just
that, Nothing Else.

--- extend Hurd anyone? ---

Flames welcome...
Best Wishes


ama sua, ama qhella, ama llulla

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