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Re: GNU/Hurd on vmware


>>>>> "Ramakrishnan" == Ramakrishnan M <rkrishnan@ti.com> writes:

    Ramakrishnan> Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
    >>  http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd-0009/msg00443.html

    Ramakrishnan> Thanks for the wonderful post. It was very much

	The wonderful post wasn't mine.  It was by Eric Hanchrow
<offby1@blarg.net>.  I just dug it up. :)

    Ramakrishnan> informative. But in my case, I am going to install
    Ramakrishnan> vmware on Windows. So does that mean, I have to
    Ramakrishnan> first install GNU/Linux on vmware first and then try
    Ramakrishnan> installing GNU/Hurd? I have never(don't want) used

	Why not install potato base, make a big hurd partition and
then install hurd.  A potato base install will not take more than 40M.
It may even take less.  BTW if you cannot install *any* software on
your office machine how are you going to install vmware, create disk
space for the OS under vmware and then install various OS's there?


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