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Re: sysvinit


jc schrieb:
> apt-get output:
>  bsdutils: Depends: sysvinit (>= 2.59-2) but it is not
> installable
> Is there anything to be done about this?

I just added the following to /var/lib/dpkg/available:

Package: sysvinit
Status: install ok installed
Version: 2:local

It's an ugly hack and will definitely kill your system if you
forget about it, but it works fine (except for some error
messages from dpkg about a missing filelist).

I will have a look at the packaging of the hurds init system,
and try to make it compatible with the one used by Debian/linux.
I hope to get file-rc and the discussed (on debian-devel)
but not yet available make-rc work on Debian/hurd this way.

PS: Hey, I found a hurd job where my lack of C knowledge
shouldn't hurt! whow!

ciao, 2ri
All constants are variables.

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