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>>>>> "Pankaj" == Pankaj Kaushal <apenguinhead@yahoo.com> writes:

    Pankaj> Bryan Walton wrote:
    >> Well, I downloaded the floppy image for grub 0.5.96, but when I
    >> try to install it into the MBR, I get an error message
    >> complaining of a mismatch in stage1/stage2.  Any ideas?
    Pankaj> mismatch means you are not telling grub either where 2
    Pankaj> install or the address stage 2

    Pankaj> well all you have to do to install grub is install (addr
    Pankaj> of stage1) (where 2 install) (addr of stage2) (addr of
    Pankaj> menu.1st)

Or, perhaps stage2 on the harddisk is still the old version?  Check
the files under /boot/grub. If you update stage2, remember the old
Grub will no longer work.

I think the Grub install command will only install stage1, not stage2
(not even stage1.5 if you use that).

I am not sure if it matters if the versions are different or not.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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