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Re: Getting up to speed

On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 11:40:14AM -0700, Remy Saville wrote:
> I'm a professional programmer by day, and am thinking that it
> could be cool to join the HURD project.  I heard about it a long
> time ago, but only recently took a long hard look at it.  It
> sounds pretty cool.

Welcome to the Hurd.
> However the gnu hurd page seems to be from 97 and was most
> recently updated in 99.  Ouch, the info there is at least a year
> old, or more.  The debian list is all I can find.

The web page information is still correct, though probably not complete.

The Debian list will bring you up to speed to the current issues. For
Hurd development, you should also join bug-hurd@gnu.org

The list archive is availabel at debian.org, and the kernel cousin has
summaries of past threads, so check it out for current topics.
> Is this the only place for development info?  Is developmend
> still happening?

Now that you are here, hopefully even more so :)


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