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Re: swap on hurd - conclusion

Mariusz.Przygodzki@WAW1.siemens.pl a écrit :

> Thanks.
> Yes, I have such big swap. Sometimes even it's not enough :-).
> So, if I have swap on /dev/hda1 I should make a new device hd0s0 in /dev.
> Next I should add a line to etc/fstab on the same way like in linux fstab
> but with different naming convention of the partition (should be hd0s0).
> Is it correct?
> Mariusz

No, you're confusing Hurd and Grub partition naming system : Hurd partitions are
named sn where n is the number of the partition *beginning from 1*. And IDE
drives are named hdn where n is the partition number *beginning from 0*.  So your
/dev/hda1 swap partition, first partition on your first IDE drive, is hd0s1 under
the Hurd.

If you're still confused, have a look at the easy guide which probably explains
all this much better than I ever could ;-).



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