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position of the HURD among other OSs


Since it has puzzled me for a long time what the HURD really is, I made a graph
that (I hope) reflects what it is. This is especially useful/indended for
PNG-version http://home.knuut.de/Doomster/hurd.png
dia-version http://home.knuut.de/Doomster/hurd.dia
I´m also a newbie to the HURD, therefore don´t hesitate to comment my work etc.
Eventually, I´d like to see this or something similar on
http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html .

One thing that also strikes me on the above URL is that it is way outdated,
especially concerning the "Status of the project" section. I think you are much
further than stated there !?

Ulrich Eckhardt

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