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Re: Developer coming up ;-)

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> > I was doing a native compile using the latest dpkg (downloaded like 3
> > days ago), but I've got that going: it's a bug/feature of the HURD
Andy Oops: I meant binutils, not dpkg!

> > dpkg: ever tried dpkg --print-architecture?
> You are still not telling me which command you used to build the package.
I was stuck in the middle and resumed 'manually' with debian/rules.

> dpkg-buildpackage -B "-mMarcus Brinkmann <brinkmd@debian.org>"
> works fine and sets the make variables correctly for the hurd.
> > On my machine it warns me that 'i386 is not in the remapping table'
> > (for whatever that means) and then says i386.
> dpkg --print-architecture never made any sense to anyone. It's stupid crap.
> Don't use it. Run away when you see it :)
Oh - I have to purge the devscripts of my machine :-0.

~$ fgrep -- --print-arch /usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl
      $arch=`dpkg --print-architecture`;
      $? && &subprocerr("dpkg --print-architecture");

> Yes. Send me your patches that were needed to compile gcc, please.
Should I put the binutils somewhere for observation? They obviously
work (at least for me), but I don't think my build can be included
into the dist since I'm not yet a developer...

But I have my key signed from a developer who made it recently
through the Q: Gerfried Fuchs (alfie@debian.org), if that's of any

I'm gonna take the gcc beast later tonight. As it looked yesterday,
the diffs will be small.

> > Are there any tools like top, ps, and stuff for the HURD?
> There is ps provided by the Hurd package. There are several more tools,
> check it (dpkg -L hurd) notably vmstat and alike.
Ah, Thanks.

> A top tool is not available.
Would be nice, tough... But I guess it's hard to write without
intimate knowledge of the HURD.

Regards, Andy
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