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Re: The Hurd, gcc-2.95.2 and the C Library 2.1.3

   Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:23:19 +0100
   From: Chris Lingard <chris@ludworth.uklinux.net>

   Hi Folks,

   This is strange, so here is the report.


   Using the above but substituting my native built C library
   libc0.2_2.1.3-6_hurd-i386.deb I cannot log into accounts with a pass word.  I
   can log into an account with a null pass word, run passwd to get the pass word
   changed message, and log out.  I then cannot log in again, and get an "Invalid
   pass word" message.


   Anybody got any good ideas?

Did you configured the C library with --enable-add-ons=crypt?


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