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Appologies. Oh yes it does

Grovel.  Grovel.  Grovel.

I had just updated my source tree; and forgotten to run aclocal and autoconf.

Hurd and libc 2.1.3-6 are running, both built with a native built gcc-2.95.2.

The only strange happening is the pass words.  /etc/passwd identical between Linux
and the Hurd.  I cannot log into Hurd as it complains about an incorrect pass
word.  I nulled the entry, logged in with no pass word.  When I reset my pass word
it complained

Bad password: too simple. Try again

This is a pass word that I have been using 10 years!

When I chose another pass word, then logged out.  It still did not accept the new
pass word.

Have now got source for Hurd and libc, so I should be able to help with debugging
in the future.


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