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New to hurd

Hello all,

I downloaded the 20000301 tarball from /contrib/marcus installed it and got
it to boot multi user. And I have a few things to share, I'm just looking
for sombody to tell me "this is normal" or "mine works fine" or " boy you
must of really screwed it up"

1. My inetd server is not working that i can tell. I can ftp out, I tried
ftp and telnet in and both got "connection refused" inetd didn't show up in
ps-ax but then again niether did syslogd, and i know that is working. So the
question is:
           a) How can i see that it is working?
           b) Is it supposed to work?
           c) Does ps work?

2. ping seems to run forever I didn't try it with any switches yet, but is
this normal behavior?

Also a general question

 I've only been using hurd for two days. So forgive my ignorance. It seems
that anything in /dev requires a translator.  Why don't net devices belong
there, or video devices?

Thanks for bearing with me.


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