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Hurd file system

Hi I am normally working on the JFS project (Journaled File System Technology for Linux)


but in my spare time I have made an port of the JFS to Hurd (it is not that good and I need help).
before i start working heavily with it I would like to her some other opinions about the project,
does it have a future ?... should we make our one file system or should we just take ext2 in to the
next millennium.


Lars Roland. "Musiker, matematiker og marxist"

  "Windows is a 32 bit patch, for a 16 bit GUI, written for
  an 8 bit OS, that runs on a 4 bit processor, written by
  a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition."
  - Chat bot on irc.linux.com when asked to explain "Windows"

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