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Re: URLs for new developers 20000522

I was thinking of starting a section on seed concepts to help stretch the
imagination.  I am planning on making future changes to URLs available at
http://hurddocs.sourceforge.net/howto/development.html .

Who is maintaining the site http://hurd.sourceforge.net/ now?  Maybe we can
move some of the patches to there.  I'm still trying to get ahold of the
hurd /apache patch if anyone knows where it's at?

Chris, could you post a copy of the gcj patch, I lost my copy.  I know you
were sending the changes upstream but it would be nice to have a copy of the
patch on file for new developers to learn from.


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> Jim Franklin <jfranklin@etworld.com> writes:
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> > If anyone has any additional info urls please post them with a reply
> > to this email and I'll incorporate them in the next "URLs for new
> > developers".
> You might find <http://members.xoom.com/mseaborn/comp/wishlist.html>
> worth adding to your list -- I've listed various ideas I've had for
> programs, including filesystem-related ideas, which are partly related
> to the Hurd.  Maybe they'll inspire people to implement them for the
> Hurd.
> I am toying with the idea of implementing the Mach message-passing
> interface under Unix in the summer, so that I can run the Hurd under
> Linux.  Anyone have any idea of how feasible this is, and how slow it
> would run? :-)
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