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Re: Oskit.deb



Mr.Boraas wrote:
>As far as your problem goes -- what version of e2fstools did you use? Newer
>versions of mke2fs include extra information that older versions of the ext2
>code can't read (which includes the OSKit code, Linux 2.0, the HURD, etc.)

I tried to use mke2fs included Hurd.But I noticed that mke2fs in Hurd is 
version 1.15 which support new ext2fs.

Anyway,Bellow is what I did...
1:make backup on hd0s8
2:make ext2fs on hd0s1
like #mke2fs /hd0s1
3:Restore backup-file by Slackware7.0-bootingCD.
4:reboot & booting oskit-mach

Why? Anything bad??

Although,In step.3 ,I used option "mount -o check=none /dev/hda1 /mnt".


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