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Re: Berlin vs X windows port to the hurd

On Fri, 07 Apr 2000 11:33:17 +0200, the world broke into rejoicing as
Wolfgang Mauerer <wolfgang@mynetix.de>  said:
> Could you please post some URLs with more infos about berlin,
> as i think that most of us don=B4t know very much about it.
> Thanks, Wolfgang
> -- Jim Franklin wrote:
> Hi folks
>   I'm not to knowledgeable on the issues of Berlin and X windows but the
> general consensus I get from people is the X windows is out dated
> technology and Berlin is the up and coming contender.  Why would we go
> for an X windows port instead of a Berlin port first?  Is Berlin a
> project that will be usable only in the far future or is it near a
> usable state now?

Berlin is essentially a "spiritual stepchild" of the Fresco UI, with
OpenGL/MESA, CORBA and GGI as the "stepparents."

*Originally*, the project was started by some assembly language hackers
that *hated* X, who claimed wild things about efficiency that they then
never built.  All that they *did* build were pretty cool graphics on
the web site.  The "rebirth" of the project moved to using the three
technologies mentioned above.  

And it is something that will almost surely be "usable only in the
far future."  There are *NO* Berlin applications being deployed.

I suspect those people that are getting that "general consensus" are
probably kids with short attention spans that wouldn't be up to building
complex systems like Linux, Hurd, X, or Berlin.  If they consider X
"outdated," then they should *also* be expecting Linux and Hurd to shortly
"fall" under the weight of using "outdated" development languages like C.

URL with relevant URLs below...
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