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Re: "Small" Bug - silly question again

"Alan P. Laudicina" <alanp@linux.com> writes:

> On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > You are desperately in need for a shell, to read your email (via IMAP),
> > browse the net, check a domain name, or whatever. A machine is nearby
> > running the Hurd.
> > 
> > You go to the machine and use it.
> > 
> I started this thread and here is where I comment again.  I see your above
> example and think of one of my own.  A "script kiddy" gets ahold of a list
> of usernames and passwords of a machine at fakedomain.com.  He is at the
> local university and needs a shell to telnet to the machine and use the
> illegally obtained login and passwords.  A machine running The HURD is
> nearby...
This "script kiddie" will find his/her shell anywhere, even if there
is no HURD nearby...

Andreas Rottmann (Dru@ICQ, 54523380@ICQ)
Pfeilgasse 4-6/725, A-1080 Wien, Austria, Europe

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