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Re: hurd process initialization

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Mark Kettenis wrote:

>    I would like to ask about process initializing under hurd.
>    I disassembled code and I found it calls few functions (_hurd_stack_setup,
>    _start1 and so on). If I write my own program in assembler and i link it
>    against libc (to use unix like "system calls": open, write, etc.) it needs
>    to be initialized. What should I do and how for proper initialization?
> However, since most POSIX behaviour is implemented by libc, there is
> quite a bit of initialization code, and I don't think it is easy to
> make sure everything is called from your assembler code.  Why don't
> you just call your assembler code from main(), or make main() the
> entry point for your assembler code?
I'll try with main. The problem is that I'm compiling Linux Kernel (in
tricky way linked with a386 that emulates hardware) to run in Hurd
as process with its own virtual OS and processes...

Mariusz Wołoszyn
Internet Security Specialist, Internet Partners, GTS Poland

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