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A stable setup

Hi, my question is to all of you who are doing active development under the 
Hurd. And the question is: How do you do it? With my current setup it's nearly 
impossible to build anything. For example if I want to build gnumach, I have 
to run the configure script something like 3 times to make sure it doesn't 
fail at some point, and then running make produces a flurry of errors due to 
random single character changes in input files. Note these changes are not 
permanent since viewing the "corrupted" files does not reproduce these 
changes, plus they are different every time. As a result I have not even been 
able to rebuild gnumach, I haven't even tried to build something new.

So, I'd like to know if anyone has overcome these difficulties and how, what 
version of the hurd package are you using what did you use to create the root 
partition, and so on. I'm using the most current hurd_2000[something] package, 
my root partition is ext2fs created with e2fsprogs-1.10. I even manages to 
create a FreeBSD ufs partition and tried to do building from there, no 

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions, the current situation is extremely 


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