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Re: HURD Boot Problems

Thanks Igor, you pointed me in the right direction.  I got the newer
cross-install, but it was bombing out when trying to call
"start-stop-service", which I take it is a Debian-only program.  Since I
use RedHat, I don't have that binary and commenting out the "exit" line
in the script worked.  Now I have the Hurd running and it works great,
now on to the network configuration. Maybe whoever handles the install
scripts could disable the error checking on non-Debian systems.  Later.

  Luke Reeves

Igor Khavkine wrote:

> >From my experiense, what ext2fs.static is looking for is /servers/exec, in
> principle that file must have been created by cross-install, unless it
> failed for some reason before it got to that point. If you have the latest
> cross install from http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-install and the latter
> happend you are better off trying to rerun the cross-install script. If you
> have an old version get the latest one, or you can try `touching' /servers/exec
> from linux and reboot.
> BTW, to whomever is working on the filesystem servers, should ext2fs be
> relying on the existance of that file, or can it assume the responsibility
> of creating it if it's not there?
> Igor

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