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Re: someone could port libgc

I think that I have done all I can to libgc.  I cannot do the cthread stuff
within the library, but there is pthread stuff there, for when we get pthreads.
Sorry for the long delay,  if I am not too late, please let me know if you are
interested in this work.

Have built bigloo.  This has a built in libgc, so it helped with the testing.
The results are identical with the Hurd or Linux.


The disadvantage is that it does not install the libgc headers and that it not a
Debian package.  I must learn more about this package now that it runs on the
Hurd.  I can post a patch to bigloo for the Hurd if you want.

I am now going to transfer the libgc stuff into a new directory.  I can either
overwrite the source of the old Debian libgc package or I can copy the
debian/rules to the new.  I want to build a deb package that includes the libgc
archive and headers.


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