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Re: someone could port libgc

Roland McGrath wrote:

> > Very sorry, but just cannot find this.  Have searched yahoo, and looked
> > through all the Scheme links that it gave me.  Could you please give more
> > information with regards to finding this?
> I just did an altavista search for "bigloo" and the first hit was the home
> page: http://kaolin.unice.fr/bigloo/bigloo.html.


Just to let you know I still exist

Got bigloo built and down to just one tiny bark when it runs the 'recette'
test.  The package has its own built in libgc; so building and installing
gives you bigloo and libgc.

The bad news is that it is not a Debian package.

Will start cleaning it up now.  If I can get rid of the last barf; so that it
produces identical results under the Hurd and Linux, I may be offering you
another patch :-)


I think I have sorted out the signals, because it finds the bottom of the
stack be working down until it gets a SIGSEGV or BUS fault.

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