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Re: Problems booting the hurd


apt-get does not (yet) work.  dselect and dpkg, however, do but only if you
use ftp as your access method.


> Many thanks... It just worked fine with the hurd20000130.deb !
> Anyway, here comes another problem : while running under the hurd, i
> downloaded apt-get packages and installed them as on my debian/linux
> box.
> But when i tried to 'dist-upgrade' or even to get a single-package,
> apt-get told me my dependencies were wrong, and told me to correct them.
> Actually, if i ask it to repair my system, it just wants to get a bunch
> of i386 packages to replace hurd ones, and it even tries to remove the
> 'hurd' package...
> So, where can i configure the hurd-i386 architecture for apt-get to run
> properly ?
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