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Problems booting the hurd

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, i decided to try running the debian/hurd on my computer,
using the MC Vernon "easy guide" and Marcus Brinkmann guide.

The partitions just worked, and i succeded on different tries to install
the hurd with dpkg and install script and another time using the .tar.gz

On both tries, everything seemed to work fine until i booted on the GRUB
floppy disk, and then booted on the hurd partition. Then comes my
problem : hurd freezes when booting just after the COM ports detection,
and i really don't know why.

Here are the last lines i've got :

# Partition check ( DOS partitions ):
#  hd0: hd0s1 hd0s2 < hd0s5 hd0s6 hd0s7 hd0s8 hd0s9 >
#  hd2: [PTBL] [585/64/63] hd2s1 hd2s2 hd2s3
# com0: at atbus0, port=3f8, spl=6, pic=4. (DOS COM 1)
# com1: at atbus1, port=2f8, spl=6, pic=3. (DOS COM 2)

Then, it freezes. All off. Nothing more, doh!

If someone could help, that would be great :-)

Bruno Voisin
Laboratoire SIS, Equipe Informatique
Universite de Toulon et du Var
url: http://www.univ-tln.fr/~voisin/

"Ne nous juge pas de par notre apparence,
 Car nous ne sommes jamais ce que nous paraissons etre..."

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