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A bunch of problems


I installed hurd_200000130.deb and after I installed the packet, my
German keymap changed to an US keymap. I thought that the packet has
replaced my /libexec/runsystem and added /loadkeys.pl /map.de to the
new /libexec/runsystem. But it does not work. I tried to start
loadkeys.pl map.de manually. It runs just like before, but it does not
change my keymap. Is there any way to change the keymap with the new

Another problem I encountered was to install emacs. I need to install
bsdmainutils, but the packet conflicts with textutils. I tried to
install it with

dpkg --force-conflicts -i bsdmainutils_4.5.2.deb but I still got an

dpkg: error processing bsdmainutils_4.5.2.deb (--install):
 trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/tsort`, which is also in package
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)

Is there any way to go arround this?

The next thing is: I want to setup NFS to copy files from my linux box
to my hurd box. I have Debian Linux running on my HURD-box and NFS
works well with my other Debian box. But I do not know how to setup a
translator on the HURD. What is the syntax? Is there a manual how to
do this?

What is the URL of the GRUB-Homepage?

Michael Thaler

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