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Re: Server boot script?

> Can't open server boot script /dev/sd0s2/boot/servers.boot: 2502
> Server boot script? [/dev/sd0s2/boot/servers.boot]

That error is D_NO_SUCH_DEVICE, meaning the problem is with finding your
disk partition, not finding the file in the directory.  Did you see
messages from the kernel during boot that indicated it recognized your SCSI
controller and disks?  There should have been something pretty obvious, and
if there was nothing then it didn't recognize them.  The messages you see
from Linux or whatever else when you boot them should give you any
information you might lack about what the flavors of devices and drivers
for them are.  If you don't see something analogous in booting gnumach, or
if what you see looks suspicious, then tell us all those details.

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