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Re: can't adduser

Roland McGrath wrote:
> Did you successfully do "login root"?  Try running screen to give something
> vaguely like virtual consoles.  If you can use your hurd over the ethernet
> from another machine, that is the easiest thing usually.  adduser works
> fine for me.  I assume that when you say "just stops" you mean there is no
> further output and you can't do Ctrl-C or anything; does "^C" print when
> you hit Ctrl-C, even if it doesn't help?

I didn't enter "login root", I had only entered "root", so that sounds
like my problem.  I don't have my machine connected to any others, but
I'll try screen.  And yes, when  I say "just stops" I mean nothing else
happens and Ctrl-C doesn't help.  It does print ^C to the screen.  I
ended up hitting the reset button.  Maybe after successfully logging in
as root I will be able to adduser?  I'll give it another try.

R Joseph Wright 

*I merely took the energy it takes to pout
and wrote some blues --Duke Ellington*

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