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updated packages


here is the current list of updated packages, without version number
cause I am lazy (they are already installed, probably not mirrored yet,

ae, aalib, at, bison, bzip2, cpio, cvs, diff, file, flex, gettext, grep,
gzip, hostname, libident, pcre2, sed, texinfo

If you have time to spare, look at openldap and/or exim, libtiff,
rcs (compile as root), vim.

Sitting in the queue and soon available are:
dialog, less, libjpeg6b, libpnm, logrotate, m4, make, nvi,
mtools, popt, procmail, sharutils, slang, whois.

Some of these are new.

Quite depressing is the experience that about 20-40 per cent do not compile
anymore, although they used to do so. I have filed bug reports but it seems
that we have not big enough a user base to get complaints fast out of the

You are seeing that I have a Hurd box in university now? :)


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