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How to synchronize clocks?

I have a naive question.  Perhaps one of you have tried this before, and
know if it will work or not, and how to configure it.

I have to crummy (but not SCSI) computer systems.  One runs Debian GNU/Linux
(except when my wife runs Excel or my son runs Battle Chess).  The other
runs the Hurd.  Their clocks are not synchronized, which makes native
compiles on my nfs mounted file systems generate error messages.  How do
other people solve this problem?  I would think that it would be sufficient
to have the GNU/Linux machine be an NTP server with the Hurd machine as its
only client, but I haven't tried this yet.  Before I spend time trying to
compile xntp on the Hurd I would like to know if there is a known problem
with this naive solution, or if I am just not thinking hard enough?


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