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Re: GRUB boot floppy released

At what point does the existence old 0.2 release become so disruptive
to new users, or naive users like me, and so irrelevant to 
battle-hardened vetrans like Gordon that it should be archived.  I don't
say it should be destroyed.  Saving it in an archive format somehow
is probably a sensible thing to do.  By archive format I mean something
like tarring the files up into one big .tgz file and placing it in
the ftp.gnu.org archive in a suitable place.  In its place we put a
README file that says that release 0.2 is deprecated, and that there
is no 0.3, but that you can get instructions for installing a 
pre-0.3-release snapshot in the usual Debian-type place.

I guess the questions I ask are:
(1) Does easy access to release 0.2 actually help anybody?
(2) Does clearly documented access to release 0.2 hinder people's 
    spin-up process?
I suspect the answers to these two are no and yes.

I don't intend this to be a flame starter.  I am just wondering.

Bill White <bill.white@griggsinst.com>
"There's no art to find the mind's construction in the ASCII."
Macbeth, Act I scene 1 (first draft).

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