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gnumach with gcc-2.95.1 or newer


a week ago, I tried to build gnumach with the gcc-2.95.1 compiler.
There is a lot of Linux derived code (inline assembly statements)
in gnumach which is incompatible with gcc-2.95.1. The compiler
will fail at nearly every __asm__ statement.

Obviously, the gnumach code was derived from Linux kernel-2.0.x
or earlier, because Linux kernel-2.2.x has different code which
works with gcc-2.95.1 (and older compilers!).

So, one day the gnumach Linux code will need the same changes.
Are there any plans for this job? Or has someone already started
with it? Or are there no plans for Debian to upgrade to gcc-2.95.x?

As far as I saw, some timing functions for very short times were 
improved in kernel-2.2.x. They are in the same source files which
must be updated for the new compiler. Because I suspect timing problems
in  gnumach (see my earlier mails), I am very much interested in
any improvements here.

Stefan Weil

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