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RE: discussion on fr.comp.os.linux.debats

Bonjour Yann!

Thanks for your translations of the recent French Linux
magazine summaries.  It's nice to see interest in the Hurd
becoming more widespread.

> of the Debian team. In fact the upcoming "potato" distribution 
> should be released both in GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd versions. From a text 
> of Matthew Vernon (http://www.pick.ucam.org/~mcv21/hurd.html)."
I was going to correct you about this -- as a Debian developer
I am not optimistic that we will meet the Potato deadline to release
the Hurd.  There are still some important pieces missing.  However,
the Potato freeze date keeps slipping, so who knows? ;-)

> That's all up to now. Hope this will be helpful. No doubt 
> there will be more articles about Hurd in Linux Magazine because 
> they've added "& Hurd" after "Linux" in their title page. 
> Any comment is welcome.
This is wonderful!  It would be nice to get some print coverage
every now and then.  Hopefully the Hurd will be a bit more
usable before too much longer.  I think if you play with it you
will agree -- and if you had tried it even 6 months ago you would
be amazed at how much more usable it is today.

>                               --------------------
> I also need some help. The descriiption of my trouble follows:
> I've downloaded (1999/11/07) the binary distribution of the Hurd from
> ftp.debian.org. It is cross-install'ed on /dev/hda3 (I followed the
> process described in the first article).
> I get the following message at boot time (before doing 
> native-install):
> Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs.static[hd0s3] execext2fs.static:
> ../../libdiskfs/boot-start.c:416: 
> diskfs_execboot_fsys_startup: Unexpected
> error: No such file or directory.
> memory_object_data_request(0x0, 0x0, 0x2000, 0x1000, 0x1) failed,
> 268435459
> Then the system hangs.
It looks like you don't have a swap partition set up.  You should
visit http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd.html and find the link to
the "Easy Guide for Installation" to get a step-by-step.  Things
advance rapidly around here, and the steps in the magazine article
might be slightly out of date now.

The Hurd still has some memory issues, so a fairly sizable swap
partition is a good idea.  You probably need to edit the file
/boot/servers.boot on your hurd partition and tell it where to
find the swap partition.  Step-by-step instructions are in that
easy guide.

Please write back if you have trouble finding the info or have
any more difficulties.

Welcome to the Hurd,


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